European tour dates October / November 2013!!!


Hi guys! I’ll be touring Europe playing guitar with Kobra and the Lotus. Hope to see you guys there!!!


Oct. 19 Metal Female Voices Festival, Oktoberhallen, Belgium
Oct. 20 Cologne Underground, Germany  
Oct. 21 Tilburg 013, Netherlands      
Oct. 22 Berlin White Trash, Germany
Oct. 24 Hamburg St. Pauli Rock Cafe, Germany
Oct. 26 Milan Factory, Italy
Oct. 27 Zurich Klub, Switzerland
Oct. 28 Paris Le Batofar, France

Oct. 30 London Borderline, UK
Oct. 31 St. Albans Horn, UK
Nov. 1 Birmingham Academy 3, UK                                                  
Nov. 2 York Fibbers, UK                                 
Nov. 3 Sheffield Corporation, UK
Nov. 5 Manchester Alter Ego,  UK
Nov. 6 Bristol The Exchange, UK
Nov. 7 Southampton Cellar, UK                                         
Nov. 8 Nottingham Rock City Basement, UK

See you guys there!!!

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  1. Onitenshi

    You’re not coming to Austria… T_T

  2. admin

    Not this time, but I definitely will!

  3. Johnny

    Why don’t you visit Poland? ;_;

  4. Tiago Leonor

    What about Portugal, you need to come to Portugal, man! I want to see you live.

  5. Deftly in Tiburg Olanda 21 Octobre!!!
    RocanRoll with Charlie Parra delRiego!!!
    Wait Long time for this Live Perfomence!!!! ok half year :))
    He is Tha’master guitarra’Player!!!
    Very humble but ‘bestial On Stage!!!
    Thx Much Lov’
    Viva la vida!!!

  6. admin

    See you there!! Its gonna be pretty fun and can’t wait to go!!!!

  7. admin

    That’s gonna happen sooner or later bud!!!

  8. admin

    I know. I really wanna go and I’ve been getting several messages about it. I’m working to make it happen!

  9. Lov it ooioiiijjjj….gonna Rock!!! Heavy :X . Thxx!! Ven Aribaaaaa Charie Parra DelRiego!!!! Muchisima Graxxxxxx!!!

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