Need some guitar strings :D!






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  1. Paco Verdi

    Hola charlie, antes que nada felicidades por como tocas Bro!
    Quería preguntarte de la Marta más atenta si tienes el backing track de rondo alla turca, sería un sueño que lo subieras de nuevo o me lo envíes si tienes tiempo.
    Muchas muchas gracias. Desde México, tu fan!

  2. javier reyes

    el back track del mozart i need thank you…

  3. javier reyes


  4. javier reyes

    please i need that backing track to Mozart so i can show off… guitarist to guitarist im in desperate need of that back track. cmon please reply or put back on your site.your site is more complicated than the song lol. cmon foo cmon

  5. javier reyes


  6. Anton

    C’mon! The dude’s from Animals as Leaders. He does the best metal head bop in the business! Give him the backing track!!!!

  7. Maximiliano

    Hola! Estaba buscando en tu sitio el backing track de Rondo ala Turca, pero veo que no esta. Seria muy generoso de tu parte que lo subas porque realmente tu version es excelente!!!!!!! Muchas Gracias!!

  8. Enric

    Hi Charlie, how are things ? I hope well !

    My name’s Enrico and, along with Daniele, a friend of mine, I’m trying to set up a project revolving around the anime Saint Seiya. I know the fanbase is incredibly huge in South America, and as a big time fan of yours, I was simply amazed when I discovered your Saint Seiya tribute song on youtube : it just rocked my ears and made me open my mouth wide ( also, I love how you mimicked Hyoga’s pose… with a duck. I laugh every time I see that ) !

    This project is basically a game, a Role Playing Game, to be completely precise : here in Italy we have a great “tradition” ( it’s not really like that, but I like to think that way. Makes it more serious, doesn’t it ? ) of rpg playing and developing, and in time, we also developed a type of rpg which practically doesn’t exist anywhere else in the word, which is called “rpg by chat” : we create worlds around the stories and themes that we love the most, or also game systems that we love, like D&D or Vampire : The Masquerade, or even completely new projects started by their creators.

    Being great fans of the series, we wanted to give it a shot with Saint Seiya, as we believe it’s great material for a game, and now we’re about to open the game in it’s alpha testing phase. Speaking of a “game” might actually be a little deceiving, because we don’t really have any graphic engine, clients to download or anything like that : the player just registers on the site, creates a character in the faction he loves the most ( we decided to open Athena, Hades and Poseidon for now ), gets into a chat and roleplays with other people, that’s as easy as it gets I believe !

    The game is completely free, and we won’t make a single penny out of it, not even through donations because we don’t want them, so there’s really no scam behind this : you just register and play, that’s it. It’s just like sitting around a table, throw dices, write stats on a sheet of paper and share a beer with your friends, really ( well… aside from the beer part, which you can always get, but I’m not buying beer for 30 people at once. ) !

    So, here’s the thing… we would absolutely love to have your permission, which we humbly request, to use your Saint Seiya tribute song ( Saint Seiya goes Heavy Metal ) on the homepage of our site. Obviously you would be credited, as we absolutely want everyone to know who made such an amazing cover ( and also, I would like them to get to know you as an artist ! ).

    I hope I didn’t annoy you with this, and I wish you get the credit you deserve for all your awesome work ! I’m looking forward to see you live one day :D !

    all the best,


  9. Voy inmediatamente alcance su rss como no puedo en la búsqueda email
    suscripción enlace o boletín electrónico servicio.
    Haga tienes alguna? Amablemente dejé entender para que
    sólo puede suscribirse . Gracias .

  10. Robert

    Me podrias pasar el Backing Track y las tabs de Rondo alla Turca??? grax
    Tocas de huevos!
    saludos desde México!

  11. TEO


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